Meeting Minutes

October 19, 2016

Trustees’ Meeting was called to order at 5:35 p.m. Trustees present: Susan Webster, Linda Folsom, Barbara Currier, Peter Barnum, Burgess Youngman, Millicent Mason, Fletcher Adams, Kathie Ross.

Adams moved, Barnum seconded the motion to approve minutes of the June 8, 2016 meeting.

Nomination of New Trustee: Mason moved, Adams seconded the motion to nominate Barbara Fahey as trustee. Unanimous vote in favor.

Financial Report: Ross provided the General Ledger and Trial Balance to 9/30/2016. $1000 was credited for sale of cemetery lots. The bank will remove the names of Michael Barney and Cynthia Dussault from the signature card for our checking account and add those of president Susan Webster and treasurer Kathie Ross. Ross asked that Cynthia Dussault, our accountant, have the power to use a rubber stamp signature to pay bills with our checks. Discussion about how many stamps to make up ensued. Decision was to have stamps made with signatures of the president and the secretary. Ross will continue as treasurer for the present. She needed to know how much to transfer from Charter Trust for bills still to come before December 31.

Burials: Youngman serves as liaison with families, funeral homes, marking the correct lots for burials. Recently a lot owner placed a marker but did not actually bury an urn with remains. He asked what our policy should be. Barnum moved and Adams seconded a motion that we charge a $100 administrative fee in such an event reasoning that the lot must still be marked and its presence added to our records and that the area around such a marker will need to be maintained. Trustees approved the policy. They also noted the need to add this fee to our price list.

Youngman also said that we need a written method of operation for the future. When the family or funeral home calls, we need to coordinate marking the lot, having the grave dug, getting a check for the treasurer, updating our records and providing a burial certificate to the Town. Since there are normally four to ten burials per year, he feels that two trustees could share this job. Ross is currently keeping the records and requests that whoever does the job get contact information and specify exactly which section of a lot was used for the burial. Burial certificates list that information for full burials but not for cremations.

Sexton: In a related discussion Youngman reiterates that we must define what the trustees will do before defining the job of a sexton and advertising it. Board concurs with him that family interactions and record keeping should be a job for the trustees.

Maintenance of Grounds: It is time to consider a new contract for grounds upkeep. We have had a three-year contract with a one-year extension. Youngman would like to put our specifications in writing. He is especially concerned that the cemetery looks its best for Memorial Day, that the cornerstones not be damaged, that areas around memorial stones be trimmed well. He suggests that we seek multiple bids.

Youngman announced that lot markers are needed for new lots. The water did not flow very well during our recent drought. It has now been turned off. The cherub from the fountain is in the shed.

This fall Lane will fill in some areas where graves have sunk. There has been no repair of stones to date. Topnotch Tree removed a tree near the crypt and ground the stump. The Grafton County Corrections Department will still provide workers for Fall clean-up. Ruts in the road will be filled in in the Spring.

Barnum will see to Winter closure since Youngman will be away. Barnum will also put battery-powered candles in Chapel windows as is his custom.

Chapel: Linda Folsom reported that she has had no requests to use the Chapel.

Iron Fence and Chapel Issues: Barnum has discussed with accountant and Charter Trust the need for an account to collect proceeds of a fund drive to cover fence and Chapel projects. It can be a sub-account of our current Charter Trust account.

Because of the tree removal in the vicinity of the crypt, the repair price will now be $19,000. Board approves the $1500 increase. Stone Forge Works will collect the fence in November. They will require a deposit of about 30%. Using the funds voted at the June meeting, Barnum will install chains and locks across the missing gates. He may rope off the wall areas and will mark so they are not a winter hazard. Fence will be returned next year. There is a possibility of recouping some funds by selling a decrepit fence that is currently around a lot. Discussion ensued about whether there are surviving family members to be consulted.

Trustees are still concerned about the state of the Chapel so Barbara Currier moved that we allocate up to $1500 to have an evaluation of the current physical state of the building. Youngman seconded the motion. Unanimous approval.

Website Update: Mason has been in touch with Chris Woods at Plymouth Design. They will update for an amount between $100 and $250 depending on the number of changes. Adams moved, Ross seconded a motion that we approve this expense. She asked all trustees to review the official site and contact her this week should they see necessary corrections. She noted that our domain name will expire February 4 and that a separate bill for hosting and domain name registration is forwarded to us each year by the Holderness School from Hostgator.

The next meeting will be June 8, 2017 in the Town Hall Conference Room. The Proprietors’ Meeting (which must be advertised) will begin at 5:30 p.m. with the Trustee Meeting immediately following.

Meeting was adjourned at 7:35 p.m.

Please note that these minutes will need to be approved at our next meeting. Trustees should contact Susan Webster if there are inaccuracies which should be corrected immediately.

Respectfully submitted,

Millicent Mason